Stewardship of Life

SNAP to it Food Stamp Challenge–Day 13

Posted in Just Living by Sharron R. Lucas on June 13, 2010

Every person needs a day of rest, so today I’m taking a SNAP to it Sabbath. I hope that you have enjoyed a rest, too. No money was spent on food purchases today, although we were guests of my cousin and her family for a delightful dinner out. The rest of the day was spent trying to keep cool (90+ temps again) and resting up for a busy week.

Stay well, rest, and relax.

State of the Pantry

No change from yesterday! We ate the rest of the cherries, the leftover chicken tenders, some cookies, and a moon pie today. Breakfast was yogurt and tea. Dinner for me was a wonderful plate of chicken enchiladas in blue corn tortillas with black beans and spicy rice.

Website(s) of the Day

From Practicing our Faith, click here for a discussion of keeping Sabbath.

If you’d rather have something more general about relaxation, click here for the ehow guide “How to Relieve Stress: 5 Free Ways to Relax.

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